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Lockhart, 51, probes concert of Midland, Kenny Shields interprets Tex, was shot once in the chest with a rifle outside a Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge on South Indian Hill Boulevard. The largest force of CIA-sponsored contras fighting to overthrow Nicaragua's leftist Sandinista regime is based in three camps in southern Honduras. Reagan Plea Rejected Last May, the House rejected a last-minute plea by President Reagan and refused for the third straight year to allow the Pentagon to buy the chemicals and other material needed to resume nerve gas production. So far as internal politics and the economy are concerned, a Western diplomat remarked not long ago, his term "has largely been marking time" Not a single appointment to the party's ruling Politburo has been made in Chernenko's time, although the body's membership is at its lowest level in many years, and six of its 11 members are older than 70.

SACRAMENTO — Govconcert . Hands-Off Position Some party officials are taking a hands-off approach to Sebastiani's drive. Forces, Pacific, and director of the National Security AgencyKenny Shields . Accordingly, I have resigned as minister of national defense, effective today" The Ottawa Citizen said Coates and two aides visited a bar in Lahr, West Germany, in November after touring the nearby Canadian Forces base. Chernenko or an ordinary worker" As chairman of the Soviet Committee of Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War and co-president with Dr. Despite Tuesday's reiteration of the official statement that Chernenko is away on vacation, other Soviet officials have been quoted as saying that Chernenko, 73, is seriously ill. 'Sense of Drift' This could reflect Chernenko's relative weakness as a leader, or the strength of possible successors who want to delay any appointments until they can bring their influence to bear.

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Joint Initiative Proposed Hussein in November proposed a joint Jordanian-Palestinian peace initiative including Resolution 242, but there was no evidence Tuesday that whatever pact he reached with Arafat mentioned the controversial resolution . But, to his obvious frustration, the media wanted to talk about Chernenko. He was considered one of the government's most conservative ministers.Kenny Shields . Nyerere of Tanzania, chairman of the Organization of African Unity, appealed Tuesday to Western countries for emergency aid for the West African nation of Burkina Faso, formerly Upper Volta, where he said 3 million people face starvation from drought and famine.. That ultimatum followed a demand from Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital, that the United States move more than 10,000 Nicaraguan rebels, known as contras , out of Honduras. Publication came just a day after Chernenko failed to meet with visiting Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou, and Soviet officials conceded he was sick..

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Event Date Location
Kenny Shields Saturday Oct 28, 2017
at 09:00 pm
Deerfoot Inn And Casino
at Calgary , AB
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